Van Wagoner Ventures - Financing the "New Economy"

Commercial Transportation Revolution

For more than 3 decades members of Van Wagoner Ventures have been analyzing and investing in transformative emerging technology companies.


     From our early venture capital days funding the pioneers in cloud based infrastructure and apps, big data solutions, mobile operating systems, commercial and retail commerce sites, social networking and other leading technology markets each "next great thing" takes foresight and experience to establish and execute critical factors that make up successful investing.  The knowledge is not learned at University, purchased as a paperback "VC Investing For Dummies", nor available on the internet in various chat rooms or social sites.  It takes decades of experience with glowing successes and some skinned knees.  Only then can you apply the skills necessary to generate the returns sophisticated investors expect.


     Over the past several years it has dawned on us that the "next big thing" would likely be the transformation of global transportation infrastructure. This sector of the new economy is about to embark on fundamental changes that will revolutionize the way we travel, transport goods and live our daily lives. Each duty cycle of the ecosystem will change including public transportation, last mile delivery strategies, route optimization and changes to long haul transport.

     Our investment thesis posits a transformation in commercial duty cycles, public transit, last mile delivery, route optimization and long haul transport led by ADAS applications, alternative fuel vehicles, infrastructure support, telematics, logistics and other smart grid infrastructure solutions. This ecosystem is about to embark on fundamental changes over the next 5-20 years that outpace the last 50 years and will revolutionize how we travel, transport goods and live our daily lives. This change is a fundamental departure from past incremental advancements in commercial vehicle development led by global auto OEM’s, but instead is led by technology solutions driven by global government regulation, grass roots development, the entrepreneurial spirit and end customer demand.


​​Van Wagoner Ventures will be the leading financier in late stage venture/expansion capital disrupting the $1 trillion global commercial vehicle transportation infrastructure vertical. 
Our task is to identify, select, invest and mentor leading technology solutions in ADAS applications, alternative fuel vehicles, infrastructure support, and smart grid infrastructure solutions.  Our success will accelerate the adoption of a more efficient and sustainable grid, reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.