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Shaping an Intelligent Transportation Ecosystem

The global smart transportation analytics software market is expected to reach $285 billion by 2024. The value of merchandise ordered annually via same day delivery will exceed $4b by the end of this year. There will be over 2 billion low-voltage vehicles on the road by 2030. Enhanced assisting software applications for adaptive auto controls are expected to hit $100b in sales by 2030. 

Van Wagoner Ventures has crafted an intriguing investment thesis that has led us to sharpen our focus on the ROI potential of a mobility connected intelligent grid. Through due diligence and ongoing research in recognizing new disruptive technologies fundamentally changing traditional vertical markets and by developing relationships with industry consultants, fleet managers, public officials and thought leaders, we have used this domain expertise to reach the following conclusions:

  • The $16 trillion transportation vertical was being disrupted by “New Economy” start-ups utilizing software technology to design and integrate standard components creating fundamentally new solutions for global connected solutions.

  • Traditional vendors have dominated this vertical for the past 100 years and their lack of innovation has allowed significant market presence to develop for the “New Economy” leaders in each of these traditional verticals.

  • Lack of competition for deal flow stems from VC’s lack of focus on this vertical, being deemed too painful given past experience, too capital intensive or not enough disruptive technology for today’s VC models

Significant alpha will be generated in this vertical and Van Wagoner Ventures can capture it.

VW Ventures Fund’s mission is to be the leading financier of the Fourth Industrial Revolution allowing “New Economy” mobility connected technology solutions supporting impact through an interdependent, cleaner more efficient sustainable connected and intelligent mobility ecosystem. This ecosystem is about to embark on fundamental changes over the next 5 years that outpace the last 50 years and will revolutionize how we travel, transport goods and live our daily lives.

The result will be a cleaner, sustainable transportation ecosystem.


Tomorrow's transportation mobility will rely on data driven applications to provide connectivity and integration. The future will see a radical transformation in how the movement of people and goods is organized and implemented. The winners utilizing the economy of mobility and connectivity in their transportation goals will have a distinct advantage on the level of integration with customers and their freight.

We invest in those winners.