Finance the Green Digital Economy

We are a Late VC/Early PE firm financing “New Economy” entrepreneurs embracing the potential of the new green digital economy. These vanguard companies create impact and sustainability utilizing mobility connected technology solutions changing the way our global economy functions.  The result will be a greener, connected intelligent mobility ecosystem.

 The winners in tomorrow's digital smart economy will rely on 5G speed, artificial intelligence, IoT and data driven apps to remake many traditional economic verticals, create smart cities and revolutionize transportation, and everything around us!

The Result: A Greener Connected  Sustainable Planet

We are laser focused on the ROI potential of this transition to “New Economy” smart digital technology solutions in the smart transportation 2.0 and smart city 2.0 verticals.

Our long established investment process and research expertise recognizes new disruptive technologies that fundamentally change traditional markets.

Our interconnected network of thought leaders allows us to leverage our domain expertise and identify, invest in, nurture and scale the next horizon of innovation transforming large segments of the global economy.

We believe it is possible to mitigate the risk and still participate in the upside of the new digital economy.

We Invest In These Winners