Our deep experience in both public and private investing will let us identify and participate with what we believe to be one of the most dynamic growth opportunities in the next decade. This will be the third time in my career I have identified a market opportunity to capitalize on in a dynamic sector.

Garrett Van Wagoner, Five Time Winner of Lipper Performance Achievement Award


Market Opportunity

Fundamental Transformation to Smart Transportation/Cities 2.0 Ecosystem

Tomorrow’s green digital economy will reshape society and revolutionize connectivity, changing the way we live, work and play. 

This disruption will create Impact through interdependent, cleaner more efficient sustainable smart cities and an interconnected smart transportation grid. 


The paradigm will be lead by “New Economy” technology solutions leveraging 5g speed, AI, IoT and data driven apps creating: 

  • transportation as a service 

  • new transportation platforms utilizing alternative fuels

  • smart cities infrastructure support

  • smart grid connected solutions

Our chosen verticals are global in scale and critical to the future intelligent connected grid, representing 15% of the global economy. 

  • Global smart transportation market to reach $285 bn by 2024, a 22% CAGR

  • Global smart cities market reaching $238 bn by 2025, a 19% CAGR

Significant alpha will be generated In
this vertical VW Ventures can capture it