Van Wagoner Ventures - Financing the "New Economy"

Commercial Transportation Revolution

Smart Grid & Infrastructure support the new vehicle ecosystem

Better logistics and efficiencies along the route a vehicle takes can vastly improve traffic flow and reduce congestion as well as lead to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions.  The additional infrastructure will also greatly enhance adoption rates of alternatives.

Driver Assisted Software Applications (ADAS) are here and exploding!

Rudimentary driver assisted or semi autonomous applications such as cruise control, self parking and collision alert systems have been around for several years and are just the tip of the iceberg.  The next 10-20 years will see a radical transformation of how humans interact with their chosen transportation mode in both commercial and passenger vehicles.

Alternative fueled vehicles, efficient and enviro-friendly

The advancement of alternative fuels is finally foreshadowing the extinction of the traditional gasoline fueled vehicle.  Britain, China, France India and others have announced dates for the elimination of internal combustion engine vehicle sales. Volvo will only sell alternative fuel vehicles starting in 2019!

Last mile delivery is under attack!

Last mile delivery strategies are transforming all aspects of commercial transport, as software solutions in logistics allowing delivery speed to transcend other shopping criteria.  We expect the whole chain from ordering to final delivery will be vastly different, more efficient and radically cheaper and cleaner!

The four cornerstones to a changed global transportation infrastructure:

Driver Assisted Applications, alternative fuels, telematics/logistics and smart grid solutions