Van Wagoner Ventures - Financing the "New Economy"

Commercial Transportation Revolution

  • Database of vetted prospects
  • Referrals from former transactions
  • Unique lead generation through
  • proprietary contacts
  • Extensive network in green finance  ecosystem
  • Additional ideas from vetting process
  • Thorough technology assessment
  • Market research confirming growth and sustainability
  • Competitive analysis to confirm company leadership
  • Interview supply chain to validate scalability
  • Interview senior management check
  • references/credentials
  • Tear apart business model and challenge each line item
  • Lead Investment rounds to establish best terms
  • Stage investments through milestone deliverables
  • Co-invest with existing VCs to participate in primary rounds
  • Direct partnerships with companies to direct selling shareholders
  • IPO ready in 24 to 36 months
​Qualified Leads
  • Board member or observer or access to financials
  • Make expertise and network available to management
  • Refer potential channel partners
  • Monitor investment and utilize sell discipline to meet investor goals