Garrett Van Wagoner

founding managing member

Garrett founded Van Wagoner Ventures has 30+ years experience at the forefront of technology investing and will lead the investment team.  He has been an active investor in both public and private investments and has provided growth capital to many of the technology leaders over his career.

Garrett won the Lipper Performance Achievement Award five times, managing the best performing small-cap growth fund in 1993 – 1995 as well as best performing mid-cap growth fund in 1999 and 2008.. Highlights from his venture capital portfolio include 25 IPO’s and 26 portfolio sales. 

Nikos Acuña


Nikos is a design-thinking technology executive, investor, and futurist with 20 years of experience in fintech product development, marketing, and operations management—an expert in building teams and scaling cross-functional organizations. Nikos is a luminary in artificial intelligence, interconnected mobility, transportation, and IoT. He pioneered AI-powered data activation solutions for 8 of the largest ten global banks, implemented digital transformation solutions for financial services, private wealth, and asset management companies, and was the managing director of Rocket Fuel Institute’s AI Innovation Lab. He is also Chief Visionary at Sizmek, an AI martech company.


William X. Minor


Bill has been supporting the asset management industry with accounting and administrative support for 30+ years.  He has had many diverse clients including mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital organizations. Bill has worked with Van Wagoner Management, for several decades supporting numerous projects.

Lori Ann Gomez

Marketing/Social Media

Lori brings 10 years experience of social media savvy to VW Ventures, and is responsible for the development of our online presence, providing our social media strategy.


E. Restrepo


Chief Operating Officer

Industry, 25 years
VW Management, 10 years


Paul Hastings -Fund Counsel 

Premier Counsel - Deal Counsel


Merrill Lynch Venture Services