Our deep experience in both public and private investing will let us identify and participate with what we believe to be one of the most dynamic growth opportunities in the next decade. This will be the third time in my career I have identified a market opportunity to capitalize on a dynamic sector.
— Garrett Van Wagoner, Five Time Winner of Lipper Performance Achievement Award


Market Opportunity

For over three decades, the team has been analyzing and investing in transformative emerging technology companies; funding the pioneers in cloud based infrastructure and apps, big data solutions, mobile operating systems, and other leading technology markets.

With each "Next Great Thing" it takes foresight and experience to identify, select and execute critical factors that make up successful investing.

Our expertise can't be found in "VC Investing For Dummies". You can't google it. It takes decades of experience with glowing successes and some skinned knees. Only then can you apply the skills necessary to generate the returns sophisticated investors expect.


Alternative fueled vehicles, efficient and enviro-friendly

Our initial focus will be to invest in technology solutions that provide a measured sustainable impact on society and the environment with direct focus on the clean transportation and renewable power infrastructure markets. Our investment thesis posits a transformation in all transportation verticals including vehicles, marine and aviation.  By utilizing alternative fuels, route optimization and and interconnected grid, the way people and freight in all modes interact will be forever fundamentally changed. Whether by land, sea or air personal transportation, the movement of freight, public transit, last mile delivery, route optimization and long haul transport will be transformed by software applications for connected mobility and services, telematics and logistics, alternative fuel vehicles, infrastructure support, and other smart grid infrastructure solutions.


This entire transportation ecosystem is about to embark on fundamental change that will outpace the last 50 years and will revolutionize how we travel, transport goods and live our daily lives. This change is a fundamental departure from the past 100 years of incremental advancements in commercial vehicle development led by global auto OEM’s, but instead is led by technology solutions driven by global government regulation, grass roots development, the entrepreneurial spirit and end customer demand.

Interconnected grid supports new mobility connected paradigm

By interconnecting mobility enhanced vehicles with an efficient smart grid infrastructure  efficiencies in the movement of people and goods can provide vastly improved traffic flow, reduced congestion and improve delivery times.   Along with the efficiency improvements are the societal benefits of a cleaner more efficient sustainable grid.


The advancement of alternative fuels is finally foreshadowing the extinction of the traditional internal combustion engine or (ICE). Major pollution issues in China and India have made these nations commit to eliminating passenger vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE), and many EU nations have joined the initiative.   

It is our belief that heavier vehicles Class (3-8) will follow quickly, and in some cases adoption will move faster than passenger vehicles in some verticals such as delivery vans, school and transit buses.  In fact, there continues to be mounting evidence of performance and economic parity with ICE vehicles in all weight classes in the next 5 years.


Traditional retail under attack from now last mile delivery models

One tangible example of a vertical adopting the "New Economy" mobility connected grid are new entrants in traditional retailing verticals with no store fronts supported by last mile delivery.  Last mile delivery strategies are setting the pace and transforming all aspects of commercial transport, from sourcing of goods to final delivery. Advanced software solutions are making the new connected grid a reality, and traditional retailers are playing catch up. We expect the whole chain from concept to final delivery will be vastly different, more efficient and radically cheaper and cleaner.